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If you are going to supply artwork for your sticker or sign please read the following information..
They are two different file types. Vectors and Rasters.
Vectors are the preferred "easy" types  As they are made up of lines
and nodes they can be easily manipulated and resized to any sizes, without losing any detail.
Rasters on the other hand are made up of pixels and are the most common type of image. These have a resolution (pixels per inch). High resolution photos and images can be resized somewhat, but low resolution images may need vectorisation (process of turning a raster to a vector) in order to have it produced at a larger size. However we can do this in house for you.

Supported Vector file types - CDR, AI, but we prefer EPS. Supported Raster file types - PSD, JPEG, BMP,TIFF

Information on Raster images and Vector images

Regarding fonts check this site